How to choose the right salsa classes?

Salsa is a dance and musical style that has deep Caribbean and African roots. It has gained popularity recently and that is why more people are coming forward to learn this dance. It is famous in Latin America and other American countries. Salsa music is so unique because it is a mix of Caribbean rhythms and instruments. Salsa is shifting of weight of a body from foot to foot. Most of the movements occurs below the waist.

Right dance for you:

If you wonder which dance is right for you then this depends on the person. If you are more into hip hop and comfortable performing it then select it, if you’re more okay with belly dance then go for it. If you like salsa, you should learn it then as it is mentioned before that salsa has gained popularity. You’d find a large number of studios that are teaching salsa at different levels but the competition is so hard. Like there is a saying “ if you can walk, you can learn salsa” it is not hard to learn but it is a bit hard to master it as the steps get a bit tough when you go deep.

Academies dedicated to teach salsa:

Several clubs and academies now give teachings of salsa at different levels throughout the world. There are so many professional dancers giving salsa dance classes that there are even competitions like World Salsa Championship etc.

Dance studios giving salsa classes:

 There are so many dance studios in Dubai giving salsa dance classes by professional dancers. Like James and Alex and Dance Studio Dubai, both these studios give salsa classes. They can prepare you well for the competitions and can make you perform salsa dance professionally. As a beginner you should concentrate well, it will keep you fit and flexible.

Searching for right salsa classes:

If you’re searching for right salsa classes then you should be looking for a place that has professional dancers, good environment and vast experience teaching beginners. In order for you to learn and dance you should first have a proper checkup from a doctor to know if your weight and body is okay with you dancing or not.


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